the human jukeboxer

Boom tee klaa

A 90 minute taster session in the art of Beatboxing.

hightown festival 2018

Beats bench

Inspiring change through an unforgettable outdoor arts experience.
Book our giant red boombox and ensure your event is one that people
will remember.

ozzlebox music marketplace 2019

arts award

Ozzlebox creative workshops offer the perfect opportunity for anyone working towards Arts Award to discover and engage with an unorthodox art form they most likely wouldn’t otherwise experience.

ozzlebox radio secklow 1

birthday beatbox

You’ve heard of Moonpig and Funky Pigeon cards? Well check this out. Keeping¬† up with the growth of technology in todays world, here at Ozzlebox we offer pesonalised birthday beatbox messages. Go on, try something different this year..

value impact

More information coming soon…

ReJoice in your voice

More information coming soon…