About OzzleBox

the human jukeboxer

The ozzlebox Promise

To inspire, facilitate and promote creativity through trailblazing innovation, building dynamic frameworks combined with engaging customer service, providing an unforgettable experience.

mission & vision statement

BeatBox: The Vocal Frontier. These are the adventures of the Arts Entrepreneur, Oz Azubuine better known as ‘The Human Jukeboxer’ OzzleBox.

Ozzlebox’s continuing mission is to explore strange new musical genres, to seek out new collaborations and new opportunities, to boldly go where no human beatboxer
has gone before. Ozzlebox’s vision is to show the world the benefits of human beatbox, not only as an engaging and rewarding portfolio career path.

JNLDN 2018 ozzlebox 5

Our values

The core fundamentals of OzzleBox

“If it hurts and you just THINK about it then it just pains but, if it hurts and you DO something about it then it’s a lesson”. – Prichia Beatbox

Courage is the 1st fundamental we value because, without it, the company would never have started. 

Fortis Fortuna adiuvat (Fortune favours the strong/brave).

Respect, like trust, is never given…but earned. Through sheer hard work and tenacity with a touch of imagination, we aim to earn both the trust and respect from our customers through our interactive, engaging beatbox products and services.


There’s no point in doing anything creative if you don’t enjoy doing it; we believe the best memories people remember are ones when they are having fun, engaging experiences. It is our duty to recognise this and make sure we leave our audiences wholly satisfied but wanting more.

Never judge someone by their successes, judge them by their reactions to failure”.

Failure is the best teacher in life; we will learn far more from our mistakes than we will do from our successes.

Resilience comes at that moment when everything is going against us but we never give up and power through the storm; making us stronger.


We define entrepreneurship as approaching a particular problem, then solving that problem with the solution becoming the benchmark standard for others to follow.

Customers reviews


Hello there its Waise. I took part in the ozzle box workshop and I wanna say it was 1 of the best performance I've seen and I would like to see more in the future. I liked it when you got the students involved in the performance and when we played the game. I didn’t know how to beat box after the performance I learned how to beatbox but basic stuff. I also liked it when me and shaz freestyled while carlos was beatboxing Thanks waise
Oz's beatboxing and loopstation machine was my favourite bit, and it was fascinating to learn how to use them. Ozzlebox is amazing, I have no criticisms at all. It was fab!